Soulmedicinetribe-The dream and vision

Nurturing women through Music, spirituality, and conscious eating

They say all sickness is homesickness.
To me, Home, is our divine origin, our spirit source.

Soul Medicine is born from the idea that you don’t need to be an expert yogi, a hard core vegan or Buddhist monk to be able to experience divine connection in your daily life.

Living in this ever changing world, can be hard,and scary.
But having a tribe, to support your journey and maybe provide tools for you to build a bridge that can lead you back and forth from that spiritual place in where we all feel connected, could be just what we need to experience moments of bliss in our everyday life. And maintain it, with the constant love and encouragement of our “sistars”.

Something deep within every woman calls for that sisterly bond. To get back our tribes, to “do life” together.
My Dream is to provide such sacred space, in where to feel loved, supported, and connected enough to be able to grow and learn.
Maybe we’ll become so happy with ourselves, it becomes contagious!
And more and more beautiful souls will start healing and making their world a happier place.
Women multiply everything! so lets plant the seeds of love, self-care, respect, and wilderness to harvest freedom, courage and a whole-lot-of-laughter!

If you feel you want to meditate and have a meditation area but don’t know where to start.

If you feel like discussing books about spirituality, or learning how to have a more conscious diet. This may be the tribe you’ve been looking for all along.
It’s a safe space, to “build bridges” and connect with like minded people.
From all latitudes, belief systems or religion.


Because The wisest Guru lies within us.
I believe that,If go inward, and listen to her/him We will be forever changed, and that! Is the revolution.♥