Breathe, Pray, Play >>>Repeat

I am going to tell you about this creative routine that I have.
After exploring a little bit, I realized I was going through the same situations over and over again, and instead of complaining about it I decided to make it work in my favor.
It’s cyclic, I start in one place go through several stages and then end up, right where I began.
I know this might sound frustrating, but believe me, there is power in knowing how to ride the cycles of creativity. So far it works great ♥
Specially if you, like me, are a woman or a creative being. Or both!
Cycles are not new to Females.
But the fact that we can gather power from them may be something you’ve never heard of…I know, I used to think I was bonkers!
And completely inefficient! For I failed miserably at doing “life” the way my well adapted friends did. Or so I believed.
( There goes the tricky game of comparison again)
Until I started observing Nature; It’s Nature’s way! I thought.
I’m not a failure I just do things differently!
If She, creates beautiful stuff out of chaos! and she does so, effortlessly using the cycles of the Universe in her favor.
Maybe I can do that too! 
We ALL experience these cycles.
However,  Creative types seem to be overwhelmed by them.
When we don’t acknowledge them, our lives turn into a procrastinating indecipherable mess.
When we do, we become master “manifestators”  ( Now THAT is a creative word LOL)

Here’s My Breathe-Pray-Play-Repeat cycle:

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   It all begins with that hollow feeling, that this time… THIS time there is nothing left, no more drawings, paintings, no poems, no lyrics (you complete it with your craft) not a damn thang!

Then fear strikes:
-“OMG What if I lost IT? What if that was the last good song I had in me?”-

Then surrender…
-“Well, screw it! It is what it is. If the next one is trash, I might as well use it as manure for the idea right after that one”-
Then I remember It’s all in my head… And  The bliss comes to aid me♥

Like a sweet gentle voice in my awareness, I hear:

“breathe”… Just “Breathe”
And so I do. I breathe in… hold… Breathe out. ( Say thank you Ego for your fear based warnings, but it’s neither necessary nor welcomed now)
And almost without noticing it, a smile starts blossoming on my face.
  Then I breathe again, deeper this time…slower.
And I pay attention to the way my rib cage opens up and my belly relaxes, effortlessly pushing its way down my hips.
I am all air…
Breathe out, enjoying the gentle massage the now warm air, is giving to the inside of my throat.
I close my eyes, rest my hands on my lap, and breathe in again. This time I can almost feel time stopping.
I feel the air going through every tiny corner of my body, attaching to all tension, aches and stuck emotions in me, and holding on to them…
So, then I breath it all out.
Seeing in my mind’s eye, how that “debris” is pushed outside of me by the breath that  rushes out of my belly, through my throat, out my mouth to the whisper sound of hhhaaahhhhh.
This air turns to ashes, scattering all over the ground, going back to Earth to be reborn into something beautiful.

I’d do this once more, but when I breathe in I feel/see roots that go through my feet, down, deep down into the mother Earth absorbing light, letting it shine up into my body, filling me up with love, nurturing my heart and clearing out all toxic thoughts from my mind.

I am grounded now.

I open my eyes…there’s nothing… I hear a bird outside, the humming of my computer fan, Does It smell like burning wood? ( I ask myself)
…and my mind is empty, for a second…
I slowly, let go of the Ego based belief that I HAVE TO have a perfect idea, I consciously state “I will surrender to God/Goddess and let The Universe lead the way.”
I commit to keep on writing, keep on working, that will be my share in this agreement. So that When The divine sends the concept/idea/image or vision I will be already in full gear to act on it.

Every day.
Not aggressively asking for the next big idea,  but to be able to fulfill my purpose ( TO be a blessing for everything around me however The Universe sees best)
This whole process takes its own time. sometimes a week. Sometimes a month. Sometimes a Day. But IT sure levels my being.
It takes me out of the victim, tormented artist character, to the trusting, diligent abundant person I want to be.

I play, Gosh! Do I play!
When I let go of all that self-imposed exigence I CAN play! it’s not a job, It’s a game!
I love learning a new song, figuring out chords, where is this song going to go harmonically? and I make painful mistakes, and I laugh-out-loud! Because It’s not up to me anymore. All I have to do is produce, create. and just like that. While laughing about something. or After I prayed, during my Yoga practice or even after meditation. a Word starts bugging me, and it comes with a melody. I’m not sure this is “it” so I wait. I jot it down but don’t jump on it quite yet.
That night I go to bed, If this new idea won’t let me sleep than this is it!  And so I just act on it! I ride that wave of creativity (that usually lasts a while).  
I scribble the scene, the list of words, the names, I sketch what I see and just like Nature, I make sense of no-sense.

I, this tiny human being I am, create something where there was nothing. Playing in the chaos of too many images coming in at once. It’s not nearly a dramatic, tormenting now. Because I honor every stage. If there is nothing, then good! the space is there, ready.
“Let’s focus on the other things I can do” I think. Let’s write about something I saw in the street, or a random word. And then When the muses start tickling my psyche, whispering words into my ear and sending a stream of images, emotions and notes into my brain;I dive into my cyclic mode, but this time I’m  ready! because I learned NOT to wait in despair, but In LOVE.

I cleaned up the receptacle, got rid of the fear based weeds in my mind.
And loved that idea since before it was conceived.

( pretty self explanatory right?☻)

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